Terrific Brittany

If you wish to take a romantic holiday, featuring wonderful views of wild nature, enchanted castles, quaint fishing villages, ancient Celtic sites and a sweet countryside then Bretagne is the place for you.
Every area of Brittany offers spectacular sights that will remain etched in your eyes, especially for their independent character and strong links to their cultural and linguistic roots that distinguish them from the rest of the nation.

Landscapes and nature
Pink granite coast: this part of the coast of Brittany is one of the most famous and picturesque with its pink colors and soft shapes.
Côte des Ajoncs: an erica and gorse blooming paradise which covers the beautiful cliffs of granite shaped by the sea and wind.
Perros-Guirec: this seaside resort, situated on a beautiful rocky peninsula, is the most popular and the most coveted of the Côte d’Armor.
Cap Frehel: wrought by the force of the winds and the sea along this stretch of coast is one of  the most fascinating place of the region.
The Quiberon Peninsula: this strip of land is indeed the right place for lovers of the sea, waves and sun.
Paimpont forest: the ancient and mysterious forest of Brocéliande is steeped with legends of Merlin and King Arthur.

Picturesque villages
Douarnenez: this fishing port, the center of the Sardine, retains a charm difficult to find in other villages of Brittany.
Dinan: this village perched on the River Rance and degrading to the sea is one of the most beautiful in France.
Pontrieux: an enchanting medieval village overlooking the river with its old granite houses.
Locronan: perched on the mountainside, Locronan catches the eye with its granite blue houses.
Concarneau: this town on the southern coast has a very strong footprint linked to maritime fishing.
Quimper: Quimper retains the charm given by the ancient and charming cobbled and crooked streets.

Josselin: this medieval village will enchant you with its imposing walls set in the rocks overlooking the river Oust.
Pontivy: if you love medieval castles then you have to make a detour in Pontivy to visit the imposing castle of the Rohan family.
Fougeres: you can’t miss a visit to the wonderful Fougeres, a medieval town dominated by an imposing castle-fortress.
Vitre: this beautiful medieval center will take you back in time, in a trip in the history with its picturesque streets and the fairy-tale castle.
Combourg: the romantic village of Combourg can be a strategic point to visit the sweet Breton countryside.
Vannes: this beautiful medieval town overlooking the Golfe du Morbihan is one of the most beautiful towns of Brittany.

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