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Ibiza in summer is filled with tourists, yachts and lovers of the nightlife and the big clubs, but the Island during the year is a piece of paradise in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, where time passes much more slowly than in the rest of the peninsula.

A paradise for its spectacular nature and the stunning colors that gives in every season.

Yes, Ibiza is a constant rainbow. Not only for its flora and fauna but also for the interesting and varied people who live on the island and visit it every season.

Ibiza is 45 kilometers long and 15 kilometers wide. A small island? It might seem so, but even if you visit it a million times, you’ll never know Ibiza completely. Although some people look just at the surface of the island of Ibiza (the parties and nightclubs), there is a less known and more authentic part, the magic Ibiza.

Those who have never been there and do not know Ibiza might have an image of the island as a simple holiday destination. But there is a part of Ibiza that is worth knowing, that will surprise you for sure: from gastronomy to the language to the peaceful way of life. If you come, forget the traffic jams and the hustle and stress, as they say “No tengas prisa, esto es Eivissa” (Do not hurry, this is Ibiza).

Being an island has kept Ibiza away from other cultures and civilizations for many centuries, which resulted in a history full of original features. The privileged location of Ibiza in the Mediterranean Sea has made it a desired island for centuries, a strategic place to command the trade routes in the western Mediterranean for the many cultures that have passed.

For this reason, Punic, Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs and Catalans all have left their mark on Ibiza, a fact that is still palpable in architecture, clothing or traditional songs, which all together form a different part of Ibiza. Not to mention the hippies, who discovered Ibiza in the 60’s, making it internationally famous. The Hippy spirit still lingers in hippy style markets and festivals.

Going to Ibiza for a couple of weeks, or for all the summer, makes no big difference: it is clear you will experience just a small part of it. Because if Es Pla de Corona is not the same when all the almond trees blossom in February, the whole Ibiza gives a different image of itself in winter… this island has so many aspects that are just waiting to be discovered.

Baleari, Spagna


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