Where to sleep in Venice: hotels for every budget

How not to love Venice, with its channels, its gondola, its narrow calli, its spritz cocktail!

But loving the Serenissima is as easy as losing patience when choosing where to sleep in Venice. Which section is better for art? Which one is better to reach points of interest more easily? And if the hotel is to much expensive?

We made the hard work for you, finding good reputation hotels in every city district, convenient to reach the attractions of Venice, at an affordable price.

Enjoy the reading!

Where to stay in Cannaregio

Sestiere (district) ideal for:

  • Comfortably reach the train station, Rialto or San Marco, taking the crowded but still scenic Strada Nova.
  • Discover the quiet of Ghetto di Venezia and eating Jewish specialties.
  • Drinking a ‘ombra of wine with a cichéto in one of the typical Venetian osterias.

Hotel Giorgione ★★★★ | 4.3/5

We start with the location: great, you will be in Rialto and San Marco in no time. Well, now that we have taken this old question, we can go to the thing that makes Giorgione the Cannaregio beak: the pool. By day the area around the pool becomes a solarium, in the evening a romantic location for dinner. feel as VIPs. How much does it cost?

Ca’ d’Oro ★★★ | 4.3/5

No, we are not talking about staying in the famous Ca d’Oro of Venice, but about a hotel close enough to reach it easily. As true Venetian lords, before entering this hotel you will be welcomed by a quiet court with a small well. If you want to find out what’s nearby, you will not have to walk: just go up the top floor and enjoy the view from the terrace. How much does it cost?

Where to stay in Santa Croce

Sestiere ideal for:

  • Wandering around for the quiet calli, discovering a more authentic Venice.
  • Take a break in the garden of the Giardini Papadopoli and talking about the Ponte della Costituzione di Calatrava (Bridge of the Constitution by Calatrava).
  • Enjoy a sandwich to the legendary (among students) Bacareto da Lele, in Campo dei Tolentini.

Hotel Gardena ★★★ | 4.0/5

Do you like the baroque soul of Venice? Then at Gardena Hotel you can fill your opulence without compromising the comfort. Do you want to read the tour guide under a fresco? Here you can. Do you want to put your head on a baroque embroidered pillow? This is the right place. Do you want a golden headboard that holds your back while watching the view from the window? You’ve found your ideal hotel. How much does it cost?

Where to stay in San Polo

Sestiere ideal for:

  • Wandering among the fresh fish tables at the Mercato di Rialto (Rialto market) and enjoying a glass of prosecco overlooking the Ponte di Rialto (Rialto Bridge).
  • Admiring the Basilica of Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari and one of Tiziano‘s most famous masterpieces.
  • Visit the Scuola Grande di San Rocco and the works of Tintoretto.

Residenza Corte Molin | 4.7/5

What better than staying in a 14th century building? Sleeping in a 1300 A.D. Palace in the heart of Venice. You won’t only be 3 minutes from Rialto, but you can easily reach San Marco or explore the surrounding without taking any vaporetto (boat). And because walking tends to tire, at the Corte Molin, in order to save your energy in view of a full sightseeing day, breakfast will be served in your room, decorated with 1400 A.D. exposed beams. How much does it cost?

Where to stay in Dorsoduro

Sestiere ideal for:

  • Filling your art interests at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, the Gallerie dell’Accademia (Academy Galleries) and the Punta della Dogana exhibitions.
  • Relaxing along the Fondamenta Zattere (Zattere foundation) while watching the Giudecca, on the other side of the canal.
  • Mixing with students for a spritz cocktail in Campo Santa Margherita.

Hotel Pausania ★★★ | 4.0/5

Do you want to feel like true Venetian lords? Then Pausania near Campo San Barnaba is definitely your place. You can spend hours lounging in the living room richly decorated with rococo mirrors, or looking outside of the Venetian Gothic style balustrade, a perfect place to get yourself a very noble selfie. Also, in the morning their lords can have breakfast in the verdant veranda of this 14th-century palace. If you want to mix with the plebs, Campo Santa Margherita is only 3 minutes walk away: you are never too much regal to say no to a cheap spritz! How much does it cost?

Locanda Ca’ Zose | 4.4/5

Calling for all the pastel color lovers! Thanks to the soft shades and the peaceful atmosphere, Locanda Ca ‘Zose would look terrific in a Wes Anderson film. In addition to cinematic furnishings, the Inn’s strength is the location: a few meters from the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, a must-see for all the fans of art history, and the Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute, where to light a candle asking for protection from a cold. How much does it cost?

Where to stay in San Marco

Sestiere ideal for:

  • Staying in the most tourist Venice, not far from San MarcoPonte dei Sospiri (Bridge of Sighs) and Rialto.
  • Feel like a 17th Century Illuminist at the famous Caffè Florian (Florian Café) in Piazza San Marco (St. Mark’s Square).
  • Find VIPs at Harry’s Bar, Carpaccio and Bellini’s birthplace, as well as Hemingway’s favourite location in town (and he liked drinking well…).

Hotel Firenze ★★★ | 4.3/5

Do you want to sleep in Venice near San Marco but do not want to spend a fortune or even make a deak with the devil? It is not necessary, just go to Hotel Firenze, incredibly located 30 meters from Piazza San Marco. If you do not believe it, go up to the beautiful terrace and check out how far are the Oriental domes of the Basilica and the Bell Tower. Very close, right? And if these 30 meters should get you tired, you can always rest in the hotel’s rooms with views. How much does it cost?

Violino d’Oro ★★★ | 4.3/5

The Baroque meets modernity: this could be the definition of the Violino d’Oro (Golden Violin), the most central hotel in the most photographed city of the world. If you like opera, this very glamorous hotel is only 3 minutes walk from La Fenice Theater. And if after the lyric you want to dedicate yourself to something less intellectual like the slalom between the pigeons of Piazza San Marco, you just need to walk for 4 minutes from the hotel (tourists and pigeons allowing). How much does it cost?

Where to stay in Castello

Sestiere ideal for:

  • Stay close enough to the points of interest having the tranquility as plus.
  • Visit the Arsenale and Giardini della Biennale to see the works of contemporary artists and architects.
  • Rest yourselves near the majestic Basilica dei Santi Giovanni e Paolo (Saints John and Paul Basilica) and the Ospedale facade.

Al Nuovo Teson ★★★ | 4.1/5

Those who have been at the Contemporary Biennial Exhibition at least once, know how physically devastating the experience can be: hours and hours between Arsenale e Giardini and no time to rest. Fortunately there is the hotel Al Nuovo Teson where to roll on the bed at the end of the day, placed sufficiently close to the Biennale. Rooms, furnished with soft fabrics, will make you rest so well that the next day you will be ready to explore even the farther pavilions scattered around the Lagoon. How much does it cost?

Hotel Canaletto ★★★ | 4.2/5

Have you come to Venice in search of artistic inspiration? So why not look for it directly at home of one of the most famous Venetian painters ever, Canaletto? The name of the Hotel Canaletto, in fact, is not just a tribute to Antonio Canal. In addition to having illustrious guests, this hotel is also distinguished for its welcoming Venetian-style rooms, the proximity to Rialto and an ideal location for exploring the surrounding sights. How much does it cost?

Are you looking for other hotels, besides Venice?

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