“Giardino delle erbe” (herb garden) in Casola Valsenio

The “Giardino delle erbe” (herb garden) was opened in 1975 and is now entitled to its founder Augusto Rinaldi Ceroni. The garden was created with the purpose of maintaining and cultivating special medicinal and aromatic plants. Owned by the Emilia Romagna Region, since year 2000 it has been run by the City of Casola Valsenio.

The Garden, included into the Museums of the province of Ravenna, has about 450 species of medicinal plants used in cooking, medicine, cosmetics since the Middle Ages, when they were handled in the workshops of the convents.

The complex is a center of knowledge about the cultivation and use of medicinal plants, thanks to activities and purposes ranging from research to the dissemination and from experimentation to teaching, involving both experts and visitors of all ages.


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