Belgiojoso Royal Villa

Villa Reale Belgiojoso (author: Friedrichstrasse)

Villa Reale Belgiojoso (author: Friedrichstrasse)

Almost unkown, Villa Reale Belgiojoso is one of the masterpieces of Milan.

Villa Reale, Milan (Carlo Dell'Orto)

Villa Reale Belgiojoso (author: Carlo Dell’Orto)

The signatures are the same that we find in the Palazzo Reale (Royal Palace) and Villa Reale di Monza (Royal Villa of Monza), which means respectable interiors. Built by the Counts of Belgiojoso at the end of ‘700, it was sold to the Italian Republic (Napoleonic) still with work in progress. Napoleon rarely slept here, but his adopted son (and Viceroy of Italy) took up permanent residence. The architect of the Royal House architect was Pollack, a student of Piermarini, while the interior works belong to Appiani, Albertolli and Meggiolini, the best of the neoclassical Milan. The painting frameworks are inspired to Parini works, another eminent Milanese.

Villa Reale Belgiojoso (author: Stefano Stabile)

Villa Reale Belgiojoso (author: Stefano Stabile)

With the return of the Austrians, the villa became home of General Radetzky, who signed the peace of Milan right here in 1849.

"GiardinoVillaBelgioiosoBonaparteMilano" di Goldmund100 - Opera propria. Con licenza CC BY 3.0 tramite Wikimedia Commons -

Villa Reale Belgiojoso – park (author: Goldmund100)

The park isn’t huge, but well preserved and really beautiful, a corner of peace in downtown, considering that it borders Corso Venezia, one of Milan’s most trafficked streets.

You can’t realize it, but inside the park you can easily get involved with the moods of Milan’s Romanticism, enjoying the park without sacrificing art and culture.

Nowadays, the Villa is home of the Museo d’Arte Moderna di Milano (Museum of Modern Art  of Milan), keeping inside its sumptuous halls artworks of Canova and other famous artists.

Amazingly ignored, amazingly free.

Via Palestro, 20121 Milano, Italia

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