Rainbow Bridge

One of the most interesting trips you can do from Page is to visit one of the longest natural arch rock in the world, the Rainbow Bridge.

Declared National Monument, the Rainbow Bridge is 85 meters long, 10 meters wide, with a gap of 90 meters high, very similar to the Landscape Arch, that you can visit in Arches National Park.

The spectacularity of Rainbow Bridge was certainly a cause that Navajo have considered this rocky arch as a sacred place.

For travelers who visit the countryside surrounding Lake Powell was practically impossible to contemplate the Rainbow Bridge until the great Colorado River dam was built. In fact, it was inaccessible until 1909 and only native Indians knew about it.
Located in the so-called Glen Canyon recreation area is now possible to visit the Rainbow Bridge making a boat trip on Lake Powell, because after the rising waters, the rocky arch is now not far from one of the banks.
To do this tour boat, which has a total duration of about six hours, you start from the pier Wahweap Marina near Page. After about a two hours tour through the canyons of Lake Powell, you get to a small jetty from which you must climb a path for a kilometer and a half to reach the Rainbow Bridge.

This boat trip on Lake Powell is held every day from April to October, leaving at 7.30 am or 12.30 am.

There’s the option to walk to the Rainbow Bridge National Monument, walking through a 20 kilometers round trip hiking trail. Another option is to hire a helicopter tour to fly over the Rainbow Bridge, which depart from the Page airport.

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