Flinders Ranges and Lake Eyre, South Australia

The majority of South Australian tourism seems to be directed towards the Barossa Valley wine region and the ‘City of Churches’ that is Adelaide, but the South Australian outback is every bit as remarkable as the more explored desert regions of Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

If you want to see the true harsh beauty of the Australian outback, the Flinders Ranges are a great starting point. Far from the well worn tourist trails surrounding Uluru (Ayers Rock), the Ranges are home to the overgrown remains of abandoned properties and ancient Aboriginal rock art alike.

A drive down the iconic Oodnadatta Track takes you through isolated Outback towns and to Lake Eyre, Australia’s lowest point and largest lake. An oasis in the harsh desert when it is full, the lake remains beautiful year round as it is transformed into a vast salt flat in drier times. Four wheel driving, camping, and flying overhead are excellent ways to take in the lake.

And when you’re done exploring Australia’s harsh interior, a ride on the Pichi Pichi Railway‘s steam locomotives gets you to civilisation in Port Augusta on the southern coast. From there you’re free to head west to Perth, south to Adelaide, or simply soak in the beautiful South Australian coastline.

South Australia, Australia

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